Friday, August 28, 2009

Dealing with Others

As a club leader, you will have to deal with many people, from club members, other club leaders, and the various places you have to go to on campus to get things done (budget office, student involvement, student government, etc).

I came across a problem early in the semester when I noticed that the two club boxes with all our flyers, T-shirts, markers, and videos was missing. I knew that this boded ill. So we went to the people we thought were responsible, but they stated that they did not clean out the room, and that all clubs were notified to remove their stuff (needless to say, we have still not received the email). So they sent us to the department that was responsible for cleaning out the room. So we walked over and explained the situation again to a different person, who told us that the people where we had just came from were the ones that cleaned the room! So our stuff is missing, and we still do not know who to blame because nobody is claiming responsibility. You will run into these sort of situations, where people send you all over the place and nobody knows what is happening. Keep calm, and remain very polite and understanding, because these are the people you will have to deal with all year, and you want them to like you!

Occasionally you will get club members who are a little different from everyone else. There are people out there with no social skills, and some who are downright scary. DO NOT BE MEAN! Don't give them the cold shoulder or anything, because they may turn out to be your most loyal and hardworking member. Do not judge people, even though you may want to.

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