Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Organizing a new school year

I face the same problem many people like me face: the challenges of starting up a college school club after a summer of not doing anything club-related. It's the same thing, a rush to get the remaining officers together to mesh your schedules together to find time for meetings and events, then you have to get a few events planned before you can even have a meeting (otherwise the meeting is a complete flop and no one wants to stay in the club). Then you have to recruit members. That may be the hardest step, because most college students would rather party then volunteer at a soup kitchen. So we pass out flyers and send out facebook messages, all with the highest hopes. But then that first meeting comes, and you have a fair bit of people attend, and you think, "this isn't so bad." And then the second meeting comes, and few people come.

So what was the problem? What did you do wrong? Answer: nothing. Students have lost touch with the greater problems of the world. They don't care, some of them might think they do, but they will go volunteer once and be like "I made a difference!" and they will leave it at that.

Occasionally you will meet the people that really care, but there is a problem that you will often run into: there are more causes then people to represent those causes. I find I have many friends that are apathetic to my causes (Hunger and Homelessness), but they have causes that they care about more. So once again I find myself with very little help, just one dedicated, but very busy guy, and a few people to go to my events, but never help plan and organize. It's all a little overwhelming, but I know I am not alone in this.

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